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The manor of Stor-Sarvlax
The manor of Stor-Sarvlax

The reformator of Finland was born in Pernaja /Pernå
Micael Agricola - The reformator of Finland was born in Pernaja /Pernå

Rönnäs Sea Lodges | The Surrounding Countryside

The medieval church in the village of Pernaja / Pernå
The medieval church of Pernaja/Pernå

The Surrounding Countryside
The region of Pernaja/Pernå is extensive. Historically the region has been inhabited for very long. The medieval church was built at the beginning of the 14th century. The church is open Monday through Friday 12 a.m. – 4 p.m.

The manorial estates of the region are many: in the North Malmgård and Tetom, in the East Stor-Sarvlax and Norr-Sarvlax, by the main main road Forsby Gård and in the South Tjusterby, Sjögård, Tervik, Isnäs and Näse.

Esmas Riding School, tel.+358-(0)40-55 77 469 offer nice activities and there are several Swimming Schools during summer.

The region was also home of Micael Agricola, the reformator of Finland. Other attractions are among others the open air theatre at Lurens north of Lovisa, the Bastion of Svartholm in the bay of Lovisa, the Veterans´Museum by the church, the Carriage Museum of Stor-Sarvlax, reservations tel. 019-532412 and the Coastal Museum in Rönnäs. In Isnäs you´ll find the Steam Engine Museum.

The ancient King´s Road from Bergen in Norway to St Petersburg in Russia also passes through the region. It is marked with brown road signs. More information can be obtained from the Tourist Information in Lovisa, tel. +358(0)19-555 234.

The coast line of the region is very long. Together with the extensive archipelago it makes a paradise for boaters and friends of nature. Along the coast there are several guest harbours.

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