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Tervetuloa viihtymään Rönnäsin Merihuviloihin! Välkommen till Rönnäs Havsstugor!

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Rönnäs Sea Lodges | The Nearby Services

Rönnäs Sea Golf close to Rönnäs Sea Lodges

The Surroundings, Nearby Services
NOTE: Finland has two official languages, Finnish and Swedish. As a consequence almost all names have both a Finnish and a Swedish form of which the Finnish usually appears first on signs and in directories.

Rönnäs Sea Lodges (Rönnäsin Merihuvilat) are located in the east part of Uusimaa/Nyland in the county of Loviisa. County authorities tel. +358-(0)19-5551.

From E 18, or from the main road 170, you turn south at Vanhakylä/Gammelby, onwards onto road 1580 which leads to the village of Isnäs.

At this junction you´ll find ABC gas station, tel. +358-(0)10-7659800, the budget supermarket Robin Hood, tel. +358-(0)20-7287280, E-3 Marin, offering everything needed for boating, tel. +358-(0)19-633 206 and a shopping mall offering low-price souvenirs and gift articles.

The distance to Isnäs is 16 km. In former days Isnäs owned a huge saw mill. The village is nowadays quite still, but there is a café/bar where you also can purchase groceries.

Passing Isnäs you turn left for Rönnäs, and 3 km along this road lies Labby Gård, a farm specialized in biodynamic products which they sell in the farm shop, tel. +358-(0)40-7567508.

The next junction on the left 1 km after passing Labby Gård is Kausiväyläntie, along which road lies Rönnäs Sea Lodges and Kausikämpät lodgings. If you don´t turn this junction, but go straight ahead, you´ll find the golf course of Rönnäs Sea Golf on your left. Tel. +358-(0)20-7862696 and the Club Restaurant, and shortly after the Coastal Museum (Pernå Skärgårdsmuseum).

The road ends in Kabböle by the sea. Here you´ll find a guest harbour and a shop. The distance from the main road junction in Vanhakylä is 31 km.

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