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Rönnäs Sea Lodges | Attractions

Golf is an adult sport

Sea Golf Rönnäs offers 18 Hole-in-one possibilities on the full-size link and 9 more possibilities on the new link on the other side of the road. Tel. +358-(0)19-634 434.
Fully licensed restaurant serving lunch, dinner and snacks. tel. 019-634 443 and 040-536 3333
Pre order catering service, tel. +358-(0)40-543 6990
Harbour Café
Snacks, Coffe and Ice-Cream in the fully licensed establishment. tel. 040-536 3333
Free anchoring by the pier for guests and also long-term renting.
Coastal Museum
Get acquainted with coastal life in former days. Authetic items. Hours: County authorities, tel. +358-(0)19-66 121.
Labby Gård
Farm shop offering biodynamic products, tel. +358-(0)19-634 494.
Trekking and Cross Country Skiing
Paths for trekking and jogging and trails for skiing are laid out in the surroundings. Tel. +358-(0)400-714 673.
Bird Watching
During spring and autumn flights of birds pass the bay of Pernaja.
Nature´s Wonders
Nature´s Wonders In the county you´ll find the peculiar rock rapakivi. Due to the influences of weather and time it erodates slowly and can in the end be mould to gravel with your bare hands.

During the Ice-Age loose stones grinding against the rock, under the pressure of the huge ice masses, made their way into the solid rock making deep, round and smooth bowls into the rock. They are called witch bowls and can measure from the size of a saucepan to a diameter of 10 m or more. One is located on the eastern shore of the Bay of Pernaja in Gislarböle, the other one is at the island of Påssalö.

The coast is dotted with high cliffs called Kasaberg. In former days the fires lit on them served as telegraphs sending both good and bad news along the coast.
Manorial Estates
Tervik Manor close to the holiday village offers guided tours on pre-booking. Coffe and/or lunch can be included in the tour. Tel. +358-(0)19-634 290.

Stor-Sarvlax Manor offers guided tours on pre-booking, tel. +358-(0)19-531 538.
Medieval Church
The church in Pernaja village hosts high class conserts during summer. Divine service each Sunday. Parish authority tel. +358-(0)19-521 0700.
Nature´s Kindergarten
The children lodged in our cottages can take part in this activity a couple of hours at a time. We go out to the shore, the woods and the fields to see what all the wild creatures do all day. Pre-booking a few days ahead, tel. +358-(0)400-195 331.
The tourist information in Lovisa will answer your inquires about the happenings listed below, tel. 358-(0)19-555 234.

Lurens Open Air Theatre north of Lovisa. Shows in the summer 2013 "My Fair Lady" play is showing.
Small Ships Race in Lovisa in July.

The King Arrives To Town in Lovisa. The happening is about the King of Sweden who was the founder of the town Lovisa.

At the Bastion of Svartholm outside Lovisa there is a cafeteria and other happenings. More info from the tourist information.
Legal Right to Enter Privat Land
According to Finnish Law everyone has the right to move freely in the nature. This right includes the right to pick berries, mushrooms and flowers.

It also includes the right to angle for fish. If any other fishing tackle than fishing rod and –line are used, you need a permit obtained at the Post Office, please call: tel. 9800-21 100 (toll free). You can catch pike-perch, pike and perch in the Bay of Pernaja.